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Design is not just surface decoration. It is a reflection of personal taste, style and individuality. Establishing a look, creating an image, and reflecting your individuality are the very pieces of interior design that catch the essence of one's home. My desire is to bring your vision to life. Your home will echo your personal taste and preferences. Recognizing the value of what you already have and choosing each new piece with care.

Susan Overton Design is perfectly suited to design homes that express the people who inhabit them.


Susan Overton

I began my interior design business in 2003 after a successful career in the retail fashion and home furnishings fields.  Before launching Susan Overton Design, I owned Echo Home & Garden in SF's Noe Valley neighborhood.

At Susan Overton Design, I am serious about design. From project concept to completion, I believe design makes an enduring difference in the homes and gardens we live in.